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Ear X-Tacy Leaves Void in Music Promotions and Bookings

The closure of the Ear X-Tacy record store has surprised much of Louisville’s music community, but the effect could be even more widespread.

Ear X-Tacy has frequently been a key player in the SoundScan system that tracks album sales. Sales at the store were often weighted. Depending on the year, one album sold at Ear X-Tacy could count as three or six sold elsewhere. So for artists planning their tours, heavy sales at Ear X-Tacy could make Louisville a more appealing stop.

“We think it really sucks,” says John Wetting, who is part owner of Zanzabar, a restaurant and music venue. “They helped us out a bunch doing what we do here and selling tickets for our shows and that kind of stuff. Basically we’ll all have to work a little harder now that they’re not here anymore.”