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Republicans won four of six recall elections yesterday in Wisconsin, holding on to their majority in the state senate by one vote. It’s a setback for Democrats and union groups. So with a victory in hand, we’ll find out what Gov. Scott will pursue next.

The death of 30 special operations personnel focuses a new spotlight on the war in Afghanistan and the small teams of elite troops that operate there. Military analyst Bing West recently told Congress that these small teams are the forces of the future while the US is in Afghanistan. We’ll ask him whether he still feels the same way.

When you see a soldier, is saying “thanks you for your service” appropriate? Some members of the military are uncomfortable with it. An English instructor at West Point explores the remark and its effect on servicemembers in an essay, and we’ll find out what she learned.

And we have an in-depth report from WFPL’s Rick Howlett on the challenges to the Indiana School Voucher program.

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Rally To Be Held In Frankfort Against Wisconsin, Indiana Legislation

by Dalton Main

Kentuckians will rally Saturday in Frankfort in support of protesters in Wisconsin and Indiana, who are fighting legislation they say will hurt labor unions. Similar rallies will be held in state capitals across the nation. and several other organizations are promoting the rallies. Keith Rouda with MoveOn hopes the event will show solidarity across the nation among people striving to protect and further unionized labor.

“They’re attacking us all; and we’re very concerned about kind of a nationwide trend that’s happening, because …you know… we’re kind of in support of the folks in Wisconsin, but the same thing or similar things is happening in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, New Jersey, Oklahoma, kind of across the nation,” he says.

Through this show of solidarity, Rouda says he hopes to prevent the spread of legislation similar to what is being fought over in Wisconsin.

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Indiana Deputy Attorney General Fired For Twitter Comment

Indiana’s Deputy Attorney General Jeff Cox has been fired for using incendiary language on his personal Twitter account.

Cox—who tweeted under the name JCCentCom—got into an exchange on Twitter over pro-union protesters in Wisconsin. Upon hearing a report that police might clear demonstrators from the Wisconsin capitol building, Cox responded that police should, “Use live ammunition.”

The Indiana Attorney General’s office issued a statement Wednesday that after a “thorough and expeditious review” of the situation, Cox would no longer employed by the state and that public servants should strive for civility.