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Update: Waterfront Wednesday Shortened

WFPL’s sister station, WFPK, has announced that tonight’s Waterfront Wednesday will begin early at 5:45, and sets will be shortened to ensure that the concert finished by 8:30 PM.

The city has mandated that the concert end by 8:30 PM.

Last month’s Waterfront Wednesday was cancelled due to flooding and severe weather.

“Waterfront Wednesday is definitely on,” says stations director Stacy Owen. “Get there early as we’ll begin promptly at 5:45 pm and keep things moving as quickly as we can so all the bands can play before the rain hits.”

Tonight’s lineup will include Brooklyn-based Harper Blynn, local indie-band Cabin, and the Cincinnati-based group Over The Rhine.

The event will be on the Big Four Lawn, at the base of the Big Four Bridge next to the spiral ramp. You can find a map of the location and parking lots here.

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May Waterfront Wednesday Moved To Big Four Lawn

WFPL’s sister station, WFPK, announced today that the May 2011 Waterfront Wednesday Concert will be moved from the Great lawn to the newly opened lawn at the base of the Big Four Bridge.

The Waterfront Development Corp is making repairs to the Great Lawn after the recent flooding, which caused some damage to the area. The flooding, along with severe weather, led to the cancellation of the April Waterfront Wednesday.

The May 25 concert will feature Harper Blynn, local band Cabin and Cincinnati-based duo Over The Rhine. Parking for the Big Four Lawn will be available in the Purple, Silver, Tan, Turquoise and Lincoln Memorial  parking lots, and also along the north side of River Road.

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My Morning Jacket Announces It Will Play with Louisville Youth Orchestra

The Louisville-based band My Morning Jacket announced today it will perform at the new KFC Yum! Center this fall. My Morning Jacket will perform at the new arena Oct. 29 with the Louisville Youth Orchestra, with some of the proceeds going to the organization.

The band made the announcement at ear X-tacy along with leaders from the youth orchestra.

Lead singer Jim James says that the band is dedicated to spotlighting local businesses and the arts.

“We want to remind everybody in Louisville that there are great outlets for youth to discover music and discover art,” James says. “Unfortunately, in our society, the arts have continually been cut back and shortchanged, so we want to let everybody know that there are great programs out here for kids to get involved in music and art.”

Leaders from the Louisville Youth Orchestra say that the group will get one dollar from every ticket purchased , which could double funding for its scholarship program.

Melody Welsh-Buchholz is the Louisville Youth Orchestra’s executive director.

“This will allow up to 50 new members who otherwise would not be able to participate with us because of economic circumstances to be a part of this organization,” she says. “And that is a really, really big deal for us.”

The usual annual budget for the scholarship fund is $15,000.

In 2008, My Morning Jacket held a concert at Waterfront Park with the Louisville Leopard Percussionists in a performance that benefited the Center for Women and Families.

The concert is being presented by WFPL’s sister station, WFPK.

Wax Fang will open for My Morning Jacket. Tickets go on sale Saturday, August 14.

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Guilty Pleasures: The Music You're Embarrassed to Love

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Guilty Pleasures: The Music You’re Embarrassed to Love
Everybody’s got them: songs you know are terrible, but that you can’t help singing along with when you think no one’s around to hear. Maybe your intellect hates what the lyrics say but you never change the station, because it makes you tap your foot and bop your head. Or you know the synth effects are the ultimate in cheese, but it was on the mix tape your high school sweetheart made for you. No matter why you love them, we’re asking you to fess up and share your favorite guilty pleasure songs. You have until 1pm Thursday to muster up your courage (or buy a voice changer and come up with an alias).

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Dishwashers, WFPK and The New York Times

Arianne Cohen of the New York Times’ The Fix has a column up about dishwasher use. In it, she quotes Dries Engineering owner John Dries. Mr. Dries is the husband of WFPK’s own Marion Dries.

Check it out to see the gray lady’s local love. If you don’t know Marion (or her voice) you’ll at least pick up this tip for your daily chores:

As soon as the dishwasher shuts off, open the door. “Dishes are at their hottest point and give up water moisture the fastest. Within 5 to 10 minutes, your dishes are going to be completely dry.”