Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Yung Nguyen

At the beginning of the 1980s, 22-year-old Yung Nguyen left Vietnam—one of millions of Vietnamese who fled the country after the Fall of Saigon and the resulting takeover by the Communist regime. He and two friends set out to walk and bike across Cambodia and Thailand. Of the three, only Nguyen completed the trip; his… Continue reading Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Yung Nguyen

Part of VINE Program Could Shut Down by July

by Stephanie Crosby A program that alerts victims of domestic violence when their accused attacker has been served with a protective order could be shut down on July first. The original VINE program – or Victim Information and Notification Everyday – delivered over 600-thousand notifications over the phone and 53-thousand via email last year to… Continue reading Part of VINE Program Could Shut Down by July