Unemployment Rate Drops

New data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the jobless rate in Louisville and the surrounding area dropped last month. Unemployment in March was just over 10 percent, down from 11 percent. That represents roughly 4,500 people finding jobs. Local unemployment is still about a point higher than the national rate, and Kentuckiana… Continue reading Unemployment Rate Drops

Unemployment & Young Workers

STATE OF AFFAIRS 03/09/11: Teen unemployment reached almost 26% in January. New college graduates face daunting competition to secure even low-wage, temporary jobs; finding employment related to their desired career is even more challenging. 16-24 year olds have been hit hard by the economic crash. Not only are jobs scarce, but many Baby Boomers aren’t retiring when expected. So what options exist for Kentucky’s young people? How can they gain experience, additional education, and a paycheck? How do they avoid the emotional toll of long term unemployment? We sit down with our guests to explore the causes and possible solutions for unemployment among young workers in the Commonwealth.  Listen to the Show

State of the News

It looks like the political season is getting into full swing again. This week we saw debates between the Louisville mayoral candidates on Wednesday and the US Senate candidates on Thursday. In between, we got some news about museum plaza, and unemployment benefits, to name a few things. After we talk about Metro news, we’ll move out into the state and hear about a fraud investigation in Lexington and that darn leaking mustard gas. Join us Friday for State of the News on State of Affairs.  Listen to the Show

Analysts Say 1Q Economic Tea Leaves Are Hard to Read

by Stephanie Crosby Local economy-watchers in Louisville say it’s hard to tell right now if the national economy is on the rebound. Indiana University Southeast business administration professor Uric Dufrene says economic news in the first quarter of the year has been a lot like spring weather in Kentucky. “There are some bright signs. There… Continue reading Analysts Say 1Q Economic Tea Leaves Are Hard to Read