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Owen Says Wayside Zoning Changes May Take Time

Clarification on Wayside Christian Mission’s attempt to move to the old Hotel Louisville on 2nd and Broadway might not come for some time.

On Monday, the zoning board declared that Wayside can’t move to the Hotel Louisville site until the Metro Council approves zoning guidelines that specify where homeless shelters can be established.

Planning and zoning committee chair Councilman Tom Owen says the current guidelines aren’t exactly clear.

“Homeless shelters need some kind of direction as to where they can locate,” he says. “I don’t think they ought to be able to locate in just any neighborhood or part of the community. I think there ought to be some definition.”

While the council can make those changes, planning and zoning committee chair Owen says the zoning board will have to recommend them.

“First there will be the staff of the Planning Commission making recommendations, then the Planning Commission will decide that, ‘Yeah, these make sense to us,” he says. “Let’s hold public hearings and get public comment on them.’ Then they will finally adopt a recommendation to the Metro Council.”

Wayside’s attempt to move to Hotel Louisville follows their attempt to move to Mercy Academy on East Broadway, which Owen opposed.

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Life in the Old Neighborhood

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Life in the Old Neighborhood
Prior to WWII, neighborhoods were almost small cities unto themselves. There was the ice man, the milk man and the coal truck. The corner store, and the corner tavern were both down the side walk, and movies cost a dime; but there was also segregation by color and limited opportunities for African-Americans and women. After WWII, with societal pressures and technological advances, neighborhoods began to change. Join us on Wednesday when we talk with local historian Tom Owen about life in the old neighborhood. And call us with your memories and questions.

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