Metro Government Grants Permit to Phase Out Toluene at Rubbertown Plant

The Air Pollution Control District has approved a permit that would allow a company in Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood to stop using a hazardous chemical. The switch would substitute two other chemicals in the process. Neither cyclohexane nor methylcyclohexane are regulated under the city’s Strategic Toxic Air Reduction Program. American Synthetic Rubber was granted permission to […]

City Considers Rubbertown Company Proposal to Switch Away From Toxic Chemical

A company in Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood wants to change the chemicals it uses in the production of synthetic rubber. The Air Pollution Control District held a public hearing on the request today. American Synthetic Rubber uses a solvent called toluene to produce rubber, and toluene is regulated as a category 2 toxic substance under the […]

Rubbertown Company Plans to Stop Using Hazardous Chemical

A chemical company in Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood is taking the first step to move away from using a hazardous chemical. But the new chemicals, while not technically “hazardous,” still can cause problems with human health and the environment. Last month, American Synthetic Rubber applied for a permit from Metro Government to start a construction project. […]

Rubbertown Company to Stop Using Hazardous Chemical

A Louisville chemical company plans to end its use of a hazardous chemical at its Rubbertown plant. The substance American Synthetic Rubber plans to stop using—toluene—is the same one that’s leaked twice in the past few weeks. Toluene is a hazardous chemical that’s used in manufacturing rubber. Both times the releases were minor—they were a […]

Rubbertown Plant Reports Second Chemical Release in Two Weeks

Around 5:00 in the morning, American Synthetic Rubber reported a toluene release at its Rubbertown plant—the second one at the plant in two weeks. Toluene is a sweet-smelling, colorless solvent. It’s used to make rubber, and can be dangerous if inhaled in large quantities. The release was minor, and it was classified as a level […]

Chemical Spill Reported in Rubbertown–Update: Spill Is Contained

A chemical spill has been reported in Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood, but officials say there’s no threat to the public. American Synthetics on Campground Road reported a leak of toluene this evening. Toluene is a clear liquid that smells like paint thinner. It’s used to make rubber, paints and adhesives. The spill is under control, and […]