Kentucky House Reignites Bridge Tolling Debate

The prospect of bridge tolls is once again dominating the discussion of an infrastructure bill in the Kentucky General Assembly. The House Budget Committee passed a road plan funding bill today. But before voting, lawmakers questioned the need for tolls on bridges in Louisville and Northern Kentucky. Committee members asked whether the Sherman Minton Bridge […]

Bridges Project Public Comment Hearings Today and Tomorrow

There will be public comment hearings today and tomorrow for the Ohio River Bridges Project. Earlier this month, opponents of tolls welcomed cost reducing changes to the bridges project that were proposed by the Mayor of Louisville and the governors of Kentucky and Indiana. The changes would make the project slightly smaller and cut its cost […]

Fischer Meets With State Lawmakers

The first ten minutes of the meeting were open to the press. Over soft drinks and snacks, Fischer introduced himself and his staff to the lawmakers. He then outlined his plans to build a better relationship between Louisville and Frankfort. Among the chief issues that the city and state need to work together on, he said, are the bridges project, reusing abandoned properties and education.

Public Comments Taken On Bridges Financing Plan

Residents from both sides of the river and on both sides of the bridges issue turned out Monday to comment on the Ohio River Bridges Project. The Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority held the meeting to gather public opinion on an updated financing plan. It calls for tolls to pay for about half of the 4.1 billion dollar project, which consists of two new bridges and a reworked Spaghetti Junction.