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Thinker Statue Secrets Revealed

The University of Louisville’s copy of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker recently underwent a thorough restoration. The process revealed many details about the statue’s secret life, including a history of vandalism and other previously undocumented details hidden under layers of old paint and debris.

The restoration team will speak Friday on a panel at the Public Art and the City Symposium organized by the university’s Center for Arts and Culture Partnerships.

“Rodin’s Thinker Then and Now” begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Ekstrom Library’s Chao Auditorium and will feature curator Bernard Barryte, UofL fine arts associate professor Christopher Fulton and chemistry professor Dick Wittebort, Thinker conservator Shelley Reisman Paine and laser metrics engineer Bill Mongon.

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The Thinker Is Back At U of L

After a two-month absence, The Thinker has been returned to the University of Louisville campus.

The 108 year old bronze sculpture by French artist Auguste Rodin was taken off its pedestal in front of Grawemeyer Hall for the first time since it was installed in 1949 so conservators could clean it and apply a new patina.

The project, which includes a new pedestal, was funded with federal money secured for improvements around Grawemeyer Hall.