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TV's Most Memorable Moments

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
TV’s Most Memorable Moments
Carol Burnett descending the staircase in a window treatment. Luke & Laura’s wedding. Radar telling the 4077 that Henry Blake didn’t make it home. Moments like these are cultural touchstones that leave everyone talking about them – and those who missed them wishing they’d tuned in. And it’s through the lens of television that so many of us experienced important pieces of history like the OJ Simpson verdict, the Challenger explosion, and September 11. Join us this Wednesday for a look at TV’s most memorable moments – and call to share a TV moment you’ll never forget.

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Local News

Stations To Test DTV Signal

On Wednesday, Louisville’s commercial TV stations will broadcast a test to let analog television viewers know they need to update their technology.

At 7:58 PM on Wednesday, the five stations will air the test in order to determine which viewers need to make adjustments in order to receive a digital broadcast.

On February 17th, 2009 all TV signals will be digital. Viewers with cable or satellite don’t need to take any action, but anyone without a digital TV set or converter box on their analog set will lose reception. This test will give analog viewers a phone number to call for more information.

WDRB General Manager Bill Lamb says the number is sponsored by Louisville-area cable provider Insight Communications.

“I think they’re going to give them all the information,” he says. “But they’re going to give them every opportunity to sign up for cable I imagine.”

Lamb estimates most of his viewers are probably ready for the digital switchover, and all five stations have been broadcasting both analog and digital signals for months.

The federal government is currently offering coupons for digital converter boxes.