Blogging About Louisville

When you’re making your weekend plans, do you check Consuming Louisville to see what’s going on? Do you subscribe to Backseat Sandbar to keep up with your favorite Louisville bands? Is Broken Sidewalk your source of news about Louisville’s neighborhoods? For a town our size, Louisville is well-represented in the blogosphere, and this Wednesday we’ll meet some of the folks who keep it that way. We’ll learn what it’s like to cover River City happenings online, and a bit about the business and challenges of blogging in general. Listen to the Show

DTV Delay?

The program that supplies coupons for converter boxes ran out of money this month. In response Obama transition team co-chair John Podesta suggests Congress delay the transition to give people more time to learn about DTV and to get coupons.

Obama And Rural Broadband

Al Cross at the Rural Blog has a post about President-Elect Obama’s plans for improved broadband penetration. Obama mentioned the need to increase internet access in his press conference today (the one attended by Mayor Abramson).

Relationships in the Digital Age

Creating profiles, taking compatibility tests, trying to figure out which of your interests make you sound cool, and finding a picture that doesn’t make you look like you haven’t showered in a month… the trials and tribulations of online dating can make us nostalgic for the days of sidling shyly up to someone in a bar. And all this comes after picking which of the hundreds of dating sites is right for you, and before sifting endlessly through unintelligible or unpromising replies, or worse – wondering why no one has replied at all.  Listen to the Show

Our Evolving Relationship with Technology

With every new gadget, website, social networking interface, and smart phone, the older things they’re replacing fall further from favor. Who keeps up with these tech changes, and who is sticking with the programs they used when they first started computing? Does the difference between Luddites and early adopters fall along age lines, or is it personality? Listen to the Show

Science Center Gives Out Virtual Science Challenge Awards

The Louisville Science Center handed out awards today for its first AT&T Virtual Science Challenge. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. The contest asked elementary and middle-school students from across Kentucky to answer a scientific question and make their stories into videos. The event, which the center will launch again early next year, aims to foster… Continue reading Science Center Gives Out Virtual Science Challenge Awards