Louisville Ranked Eighth in Social Media

A study from the University of Chicago ranks Louisville as the eight best social media city in the U.S. According to a statement from the university, the “rankings reflected opportunity for citizen participation and information, including: hosting of open data portals comments allowed on blogs and social networks the extent to which online discussions concerned […]

Technology Entrepreneurs Discuss Ways To Use Public Data

A local entrepreneur is holding a transportation technology camp Monday to discuss ways of using public data to create new services. The event is attracting local officials who are exited by the possibilities of joining the public and private sectors. Michael Schnuerle is founder of MetroMapper.org (pictured) and GovMapper.com; both are websites that use public […]

FCC Chair Discusses Broadband Access, Affordability

This week, a coalition of call center operators promised to create 100,000 new American customer service jobs, many of which could be done from home. But unless Internet access is improved, those jobs will be off-limits to one third of the country. There are two hindrances to broadband. For 20 million Americans, there are no […]

U of L Upgrades Supercomputer, Welcomes Further Enhancements

The University of Louisville has doubled the power of its supercomputer. When it was installed in 2009, the Cardinal Research Cluster was 21 teraflops, meaning it could do 21 trillion calculations per second. Most home computers aren’t measured in flops, but rarely exceed a ten thousandth of that power. Now the cluster is 42 teraflops. It’s […]

Carmichael’s Partners with American Booksellers Association to Sell Google E-books.

Carmichael’s Bookstore, one of the leading independent booksellers in Louisville, has recently begun selling e-books through their website through a partnership with Google and the American Booksellers Association. More than 250 booksellers nationwide are using the system, which allows independent bookstores to make money from e-books, a market previously reserved for giants like Amazon and […]

Mapping the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The first HIV diagnosis was made 30 years ago. Since then, it’s spread to epidemic proportions in the United States. As Fast Company writes, “it’s probably more prevalent in your neighborhood than you think.” To prove that point, the company profiles the creators of AIDSvu, an interactive map that shows a county-by-county breakdown of adults […]

Primary Does Little to Change Twitter Counts for Candidates, Media

Candidates in last night’s primary election were celebrating and commiserating in hotels, restaurants and campaign headquarters across the state. But the real action was online. Even for a contest with 10 percent turnout, activity on Twitter was feverish at times for followers and users of the #kyelect and #kyelects hashtags. It’s a scientific principle of the news […]