Innovative Teaching Methods

His fifth graders consistently score in the top 5-10 percent, nationwide, on standardized tests. They come to school early, stay late, and show up on weekends and holidays, and they’ve performed Shakespeare at the Globe Theater in London. But Rafe Esquith doesn’t teach at an exclusive private school; 90% of his pupils are below the poverty line, and almost all are from immigrant families, not speaking English as their first language. Wednesday Esquith joins us to talk about his teaching methods and why they’re so successful.  Listen to the Show

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Oldham County Cuts 30 Plus Teaching Positions

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The Kentucky Education Department is seeking experienced teachers and administrators to serve as Highly Skilled Educators. These educators undergo extensive training and are then assigned to an under-performing school to help bring the school back into proficiency. Department spokesperson Lisa Gross says it’s mutually beneficial for the educator and the school. “A lot of the […]