Tea Party May Boost Democratic Turnout In Third District

Some national polls this election season have shown a sizeable enthusiasm gap. Democrats in many areas are less excited about voting than Republicans, and a high conservative turnout will likely push many GOP candidates to victory. But lately, some Democratic candidates have begun using the potential for Republican victory to rally the party faithful.

In Depth: Tea Party And Outside Forces Will Likely Have Little Effect On Mayor’s Race

For months, pundits and political observers have offered various insights into the 2010 elections. This could be a big year for the Tea Party, for mainstream Republicans, for moderates or for challengers to incumbents. But those are national predictions.

Martin Says He Won't Cater To Tea Party, GOP

by Gabe Bullard Libertarian candidate for Congress Ed Martin says he’s not planning on catering to the Tea Party for votes. Martin filed to seek the Third District seat currently held by Democrat John Yarmuth Wednesday. He says his focus on reducing government spending may appeal to Tea Partiers, but he plans on to run… Continue reading Martin Says He Won't Cater To Tea Party, GOP