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Residents Near JBS Plant Asked to Stay Indoors

Louisvillians who live near the JBS Swift meat-packing plant in Butchertown are advised to stay indoors following an ammonia leak.

“The sirens sounded,” says a MetroSafe official. “If you can hear the sirens, you should stay inside.”

One building at the plant was evacuated shortly after 11:30 this morning. Emergency officials have not detected any leak outside of the building, but assessments continue.

One patient has been taken to the hospital, according to MetroSafe, though no details about the injury available at this time.

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BOZA Sets November Hearing On JBS Plant

The Metro Board of Zoning Adjustment has agreed to move a hearing about Butchertown’s JBS meatpacking and slaughtering plant to November.  At issue is whether the company violated its land use agreements with the city.

The Butchertown plant began construction on an expanded hog enclosure more than a year ago.  It didn’t apply to the Board of Zoning for the necessary approval, but got that approval after the fact, with some conditions. The Butchertown Neighborhood Association wants that approval revoked. Association attorney Jon Salomon says that’s in part because they believe JBS is not complying with those conditions.

“And one of those conditions was that, in light of the nuisance impact of the company’s operation, the Board of Zoning asked them to spend some money on mitigation efforts, to reduce the impact of their operations on the neighborhood.  The company has decided to appeal that.  So from our perspective, the company is not in compliance,” Salomon said.

JBS attorney Glenn Price says while his client did fail to get the necessary permit first because of a contractor’s oversight, the new enclosure will help reduce odors in the community.

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City Fines Swift Pork Plant Over Odors

The Louisville Air Pollution Control District has ordered Swift and Company to reduce the odors coming from its Butchertown pork processing operation.    Dozens of residents have called to complain about the bad smell in the neighborhood.  Now, District spokesman Matt Stull says Swift officials must pay a $48,000 dollar fine and install new technology at the plant.

“By December 22nd they have to submit an application to construct what’s known as a new scrubber.  And that in essence scrubs the odors coming from the plant.”

From then they’ll have 60 days to install the equipment.  Stull says the plant ran afoul of regulations by not using odor control technology properly as well as not having enough controls in place.  Swift officials did not return messages regarding this violation.