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New Documents Shed Light on SuperPAC Role in 4th Congressional District Race

Newly-released documents show that a Northern Kentucky businessman is the  primary donor and a significant fundraiser for a super PAC that’s involved in Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District race. But super PAC officials say the man has no official role with the group.

Richard Knock of Union is a frequent Republican donor and he supports Thomas Massie in the seven-way GOP primary for the Fourth District Seat.

Knock is also a key supporter of AmeriGOP, a super PAC that backs Massie. Knock’s business Miss KC LLC donated $10,000 to the group, which has $30,000 in the bank. Federal Election Commission documents also credit Knock with a more than $500 in-kind donation for hosting the very first AmeriGOP event at his house. Further, Knock penned a letter soliciting donations for the group and saying AmeriGOP supports Massie

But super PAC officials say Knock does not have any authority with the group. 

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