Blue Says Money Is Key to Saving Whiskey Row Facades

Developer Todd Blue has just over two months before he can destroy the buildings to make way for a parking lot, then for the Iron Quarter development. The city has agreed to find the best way to preserve or recreate the facades, and Mayor Greg Fischer will ask the Metro Council to approve a $450,000 budget allocation to help Blue follow through on the plan.

Key Players in Whiskey Row/Iron Quarter Project to Appear on WFPL at 1:00

Developer Todd Blue was granted permission to destroy the buildings by Metro Government through a settlement in federal court. The city has also agreed to try to allocate $450,000 from the next city budget to help Blue preserve or recreate the facades. The buildings have been declared local landmarks, but the settlement in court apparently trumps the Landmarks Commission.

Unemployment Benefits Do Not Hurt Recipients’ Credit

With Congress poised to extend unemployment benefits, a local consumer credit counselor says the benefits will not hurt recipients’ credit ratings.

Mary Jackey works for the Consumer Credit Counseling Service. She says signing up for the government benefits will not have a direct effect on credit, though other circumstances associated with unemployment may.

How Do I Relax?

It seems the world’s turning faster and faster every day. The same technologies that allow us to work more efficiently also make it harder to leave our work at the end of the day, and we fill our free time with scheduled activity too. We’re stressed out – and it’s not just a quality-of-life issue; chronic stress has a detrimental effect on our health. We’ll talk about the physiological consequences of stress, and how different people can find different ways to relax. Put your feet up and join us.  Listen to the Show

State of the News

This week on State of the News, we’ll check in on Metro news, then have one more look at politics before election day. Then we’ll turn to games of the non-political variety, with a preview of the upcoming basketball season. Join us to hear what’s making headlines.  Listen to the Show

Poverty in Kentucky

The latest census numbers on income, poverty, and health insurance are out, and the news doesn’t look good for Kentucky. Poverty is up 1.3% in the Commonwealth from last year. That’s more than the national average, and due in large part to the loss of manufacturing and construction jobs during the recession. This Wednesday we’ll take a look at the contributing factors that keep Kentuckians in poverty, and explore some of the differences between urban and rural poverty throughout the Bluegrass. Join us with your thoughts and questions.  Listen to the Show

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