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JCPS High Schools Make Gains, But District Goals Not Met

Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Donna Hargens says the state’s standardized test scores released Tuesday show both positive and negative results for the district.

Only 16.5 (22 of 133) percent of JCPS schools met 100 percent of goals designed under No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The goals are specific to each school and every goal must be met in order for a school to achieve the necessary progress under NCLB. But officials say the goals are partly based on school diversity. And if one group doesn’t meet its goal, the whole school fails.

Even though the district under-performed according to NCLB, there are some positive gains made, said Hargens.

“What I would say to parents is first of all every one of our schools has students that are scoring proficient and distinguished. We have many successful students at all of our schools. So any school, certainly, students can be successful at. But we’re not satisfied with the results and we want it to be better,” Hargens said.