Albert Mohler Discusses Southern Baptist Convention Name Change Option

The Southern Baptist Convention is in the process of undergoing a name change. Congregationsmay soon have the option to call themselves either South Baptist or Great Commission Baptists. While the move is seen by some as a way to distance the church from the stigma of the Civil War, slavery and segregation, church officials say […]

Michigan GOP Nomination Down to the Wire; Top GOP Candidates’ Tax Plans Would Increase Federal Debt; New Name Option for Southern Baptists; Companies Try to Keep Workers Fit: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: The latest polls in Michigan show Mitt Romney’s momentum has stopped in his home state of Michigan, where he’s been chipping away at Rick Santorum’s lead in the polls over the past week. The conventional wisdom is that if Romney can’t win the state he won four years ago, the nomination will be a […]

Southern Baptist Annual Meeting In Louisville This Week

Thousands of Southern Baptists will be in Louisville this week for the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. The annual meeting consists of concerts and sermons, but also the business of the denomination and its six seminaries. Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Dr. Bill Mackey says the meeting hasn’t been in Louisville in a […]