Policy Presentation to Focus on Kentucky’s Energy Future

Kentucky gets most of its electricity from coal, but as new air pollution rules go into effect, coal becomes more expensive than it used to be. A presentation in Louisville tonight will discuss policies that can spur alternative, and cleaner, energy in the commonwealth. Kristin Tracz is a research and policy associate with non-profit Mountain […]

Berea Plans Small-Scale Solar Farm

Customers of Berea Municipal Utilities will soon have the option to invest in a small solar farm. The Berea Solar Farm won’t be a moneymaker for investors. A 25-year lease for one panel will cost about $700. The average residential customer uses an average of 600 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month, and a single panel […]

Fischer Applauds Green Programs Though Funding May Soon Be Scarce

Louisville Metro Government officials gathered in Newburg Tuesday to celebrate new environmentally-friendly projects in Louisville. Mayor Greg Fischer says he plans to focus on sustainability with all new city projects, but that could be a financially difficult task.