Iraq War Declared Over, Bad Practices Behind “Fair Trade” Labels, Small Businesses and Job Creation, Amazon Angers Brick & Mortars: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: In Baghdad today, the U.S. military officially declared an end to the war in Iraq, a war that cost more than 4,000 U.S. lives, and the lives countless Iraqis. But as the war ends, and all the troops come home by the end of the year, a story in today’s New York Times probes […]

Occupy Louisville Responds to Black Friday, Supports Local Business

Occupy Louisville demonstrators are organizing a rally in support of local businesses on Black Friday as the movement continues to target specific ways to express its campaign. It was a little unclear what occupy demonstrators’ demands were when the movement began. Corporate greed and special interest groups seemed like vague targets. Louisville supporters have since […]

Small Business Leaders Meet To Talk About Job Creation

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson convened a meeting today of some small business leaders in the city to generate ideas for the federal government on how to create jobs. About twenty small business leaders attended the meeting to share ideas about job growth in the U.S. Denise Spalding with Allegra Print and Imaging says there seemed […]