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Washington Post Calls Out Obama Over Ohio River Bridges

In a fact-check of President Obama’s recent speech, The Washington Post scolded the president for using old talking points and incorrectly identifying the Sherman Minton Bridge as closed while lashing out at Republican leaders.

On Monday, Mr. Obama once again criticized Speaker John Boehner, R-Oh., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., about the Brent Spence Bridge connecting their states before a conference of union workers.

The president visited the span for the symbolism last year to rally for his jobs bill, but as the fact checker noted, the Obama administration has failed to explain how the legislation would pay for fixing the span considering it spends most money in 2013 and the Brent Spence is not slated for construction until 2015.

Later in the speech,  President Obama alluded to the Sherman Minton Bridge connecting Kentucky and Indiana as another example, saying it is still shut down. But as local commuters are well aware the span has been back open since February.

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Northup Slams River Fields, Yarmuth Over Bridges

Appearing on 84 WHAS radio Thursday morning to discuss the closure of the Sherman Minton Bridge, former Congresswoman Anne Northup blamed the conservation group River Fields and incumbent Congressman John Yarmuth, D-Ky., for the city’s inadequate infrastructure.

The Sherman Minton Bridge shut down last week after Indiana inspectors found a crack in the main load-bearing portion of the span. The sudden closure has rerouted thousands of motorist in the area and reignited calls for a span to be built in east Louisville to alleviate traffic congestion.

Northup specifically slammed River Fields for filing several lawsuits to obstruct the Ohio River Bridges Project—which calls for a downtown bridge, an East End bridge and reconfiguration of Spaghetti Junction—from going forward.

“My leadership wasn’t about this is what I want. It was about what this community wants. And there was no one willing to step up to the very powerful people that were part of River Fields and say we are going to get this process back on track,” she says.

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Sherman Minton Bridge Closure: Officials Preparing For Monday Rush

Kentucky and Indiana government officials are asking business owners and employers to help look for ways to lighten the traffic load during Monday rush hour in the Louisville area.

The Sherman Minton Bridge, which carries traffic across the Ohio River between Louisville and New Albany, was shut down indefinitely yesterday after inspectors found cracks in load-bearing support beams on the nearly 50 year old span.

Transportation officials from both states say they’re working on a traffic plan to ease congestion on the two other bridges connecting Louisville and southern Indiana: the Kennedy Bridge and the Clark Memorial Bridge.

That could include turning a southbound lane of the Clark into a northbound lane during the morning commute, then reversing the plan in the afternoon.

The Sherman Minton carries Interstate-64 traffic across the river. Traffic is now being rerouted across the other bridges.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who ordered the bridge closure, and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear will hold a press conference this afternoon to discuss the situation.