New Arts Magnet Program Strives to Transform School

Last summer, the Jefferson County Board of Education voted to have more than 20 elementary schools include magnet programs. It came just a year the U.S. Supreme Court stuck down Jefferson County’s desegregation plan saying it unconstitutionally assigned students to schools by race. This week, these magnet programs — focusing on an array of areas… Continue reading New Arts Magnet Program Strives to Transform School

Stinson To Be Replaced As PRP Football Coach

Louisville Pleasure Ridge Park High School is expected to have a new head football coach on the sideline next season. Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Sheldon Berman tells the Courier-Journal that the school is in the process of replacing Jason Stinson as coach. Stinson is under indictment in connection with the heat related death of… Continue reading Stinson To Be Replaced As PRP Football Coach

Greater Louisville Education Project Report

The Jefferson County Public Education Foundation and Jefferson County Public Schools recently commissioned a study called the Greater Louisville Education Project. According to the report, the JCPS team identified 5 areas for study, Advancing JCPS’ competitiveness; enhancing the JCPS–Metro Area safety net for children; successful reform for achieving curricular consistency and high expectations; preparing JCPS students for 21st century careers, college success, and civic responsibility; and determining JCPS’ funding adequacy.

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JCPS Classes Resume

Jefferson County Public Schools officials say Tuesday’s start of the school year has been relatively smooth for the system’s students, faculty and staff. Nearly 100,000 youngsters are enrolled for the new academic year. A new student assignment plan for elementary school students approved by the school board in May won’t go into effect until the… Continue reading JCPS Classes Resume