Taking Sexy Back

When you think of hitting the sheets at the end of a long day, is it catching up on sleep that you’re excited about, or something racier? Would you rather have a few extra hours in the week to reconnect intimately with your partner, or your own body – or would you rather have more time to catch up on errands? For many of us, when the scarcest commodities are time and energy, the demands of daily life can put intimacy on the back burner. And the messages we get from TV, movies, magazines, and marketing tell us that even when we do have the time and the inclination, our bodies aren’t good enough.

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Sex & Intimacy

Although the “every-seven-seconds” idea is probably an urban legend, there’s no doubt that sex is on most of our minds. And who can blame us, when sexual imagery is everywhere? But do these lusty thoughts translate into real intimacy in our relationships and a healthy sex life? How important is that aspect of our lives, and how can we improve it if it’s lacking? Are we too busy to think about sex? And how does our sexuality change through the different stages in our lives? Listen to the Show