City Seeks Proposals for Alert System

Following an explosion at a chemical plant in the Rubbertown neighborhood, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has requested a proposal from companies for an alert system that can be used citywide. The request comes weeks after a March 21 explosion at Carbide Industries killed two employees and shut down streets for several hours. “We are moving forward quickly and efficiently to implement the best system possible to keep our citizens informed 24/7,” Fischer said in a news release. Last week, Fischer met with over 200 Rubbertown residents, who complained about a lapse in a notification hotline.

After Explosion, Job Loss Possible at Rubbertown Plant

Federal authorities are still investigating what caused a deadly explosion at a chemical plant in the Rubbertown neighborhood, but operators are also worried about potential job loss. The company wants to rebuild once the investigation is complete, but won’t have access to the building to asses the damage for the next two weeks. Carbide Industries General Manager John Gant says the employees are still being paid, but that could change if they can’t get the furnace fixed soon.

Rubbertown Plant Fire Still Burning

A small fire continues to burn at chemical plant in the Rubbertown neighborhood more than 36 hours after an explosion killed two workers. Louisville fire crews plan to go inside Carbide Industries Wednesday afternoon to assess the containment of chemicals within their facilities. Earlier this week, a blast at the west Louisville plant resulted in… Continue reading Rubbertown Plant Fire Still Burning

Rubbertown Residents Frustrated With Hotline Lapse

Residents in the Rubbertown neighborhood are upset that a hotline created to alert them about chemical leaks was not updated following a plant explosion in west Louisville. The Rubbertown Community Awareness Line of Louisville is an emergency telephone notification service that was established by Metro Government in 2004. It is supposed to be updated every… Continue reading Rubbertown Residents Frustrated With Hotline Lapse

City Officials to Investigate Rubbertown Explosion, Response

After a chemical plant explosion in the Rubbertown neighborhood that killed two workers, Louisville Metro Government officials are launching a full investigating into the incident and breakdown in communication.