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GOP Still Divided After Super Tuesday; Amazon Takes On Publishing World; Are Republicans Afraid Of Rush Limbaugh?: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: Mitt Romney emerged with the most delegates after yesterday’s Super Tuesday races in 10 states. Eric Cantor, House majority leader, says Romney has a clear path of Tampa, where Republicans will gather for their nominating convention this summer. Rick Santorum‘s supporters tried to elbow Newt Gingrich out of the race in a bid to unite conservatives behind Santorum. Gingrich says he’s pressing on, as is Ron Paul. We’ll talk about what’s next for the GOP candidates.

1:12pm: Amazon is moving into the book publishing industry. The online behemoth has hired former Time Warner Publishing CEO Larry Kirshbaum to head its new venture, and Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Brad Stone says the publishing industry is running scared. “I think they’re terrified,” Stone says. “Amazon is their biggest customer… and they’ve been at Amazon’s mercy for quite some time.” Stone’s cover story on Amazon recounts the bad blood between Amazon and the big six publishers that goes back to the launch of the Kindle. He says this is part of a trend in the business world where companies are creating entire ecosystems to sell their products, spurred by Apple’s dominance of tablets and phones.

1:40pm: The defection of more than 30 advertisers from Rush Limbaugh‘s talk radio program isn’t stopping the conservative firebrand, who’s been under a hail of criticism for comments he made about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke after she testified in favor of President Obama’s birth control policy. All of this has touched off the latest debate over how much power Limbaugh has in the GOP. We’ll talk about it. Is he, as President Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once famously said, “Rush Limbaugh is the voice and intellectual force of the Republican Party,” or not? A piece in Politico today asks “Who’s Afraid of Rush?” and concludes that fewer Republicans are, because of the Fluke flap.

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Mitt Romney Is First Presidential Candidate to Qualify for Kentucky’s Primary

Kentucky’s presidential primary is months away and tends to serve little purpose in selecting a major party nominee. But that doesn’t mean the event is being ignored.

At least one presidential hopeful is in front of the pack in Kentucky: Mitt Romney. The Republican frontrunner is the only candidate to have filed to run in the state’s primary so far.

Romney qualified for the ballot by showing he qualified in more than twenty other states, which is one of four ways Kentucky allows presidential ballot access.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes says other big names have called about the primary as well.

“We have been contacted by President Obama’s campaign regarding the procedure to obtain ballot access,” she says. “We provided them with the necessary paperwork just as we have any other calls that we received. We received calls from Newt Gingrich’s campaign as well. But as I said we field tons of calls daily and some calls identify themselves, others don’t.”

Romney’s records show he also filed in neighboring Ohio, Tennessee andVirginia. But he hasnt yet filed in any other states with May primaries, making Kentucky the first for presidential politics in at least one category. ’

Grimes isn’t sure if Ron Paul, father of Kentucky’s junior senator Rand Paul, had told his campaign to call. She said no one from the Paul campaign identified themselves when calling, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t.

Kentucky hasn’t had an effect on presidential politics since 1988, when it had an earlier primary. The General Assembly moved the primary to May—when legislative offices are on the ballot—as a cost-cutting move.

Grimes says it would be up to lawmakers to move the primaries around again.

The filing deadline is January 31.

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James Carroll on the Road with the Paul Campaign: State of the News [Audio]

The Courier-Journal’s James Carroll is on the campaign trail in New Hampshire with Ron Paul. On Friday’s State of the News, he took a few minutes to catch us up on the GOP primary so far.

Audio MP3
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Ron Paul on Diane Rehm

Ron Paul, the Republican Congressman, Presidential candidate and father of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul will be on the Diane Rehm show today at 10 am.

The conversation should be interesting, since they’ll be taking calls and a lively discussion has already started on the show’s website.

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Rand Paul’s Brother Considering Senate Bid in Texas

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s brother Robert Paul is reportedly mulling a bid for the Senate in Texas.

Robert and Rand Paul are Texas Congressman and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s sons. Robert Paul has not yet started raising money, and while his chances may appear slim, his brother’s campaign was similarly inauspicious.

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Rand Paul Interview Video

Rand Paul spoke at the Louisville Rotary Club Meeting Thursday, afterward he answered some questions from the media about the government Budget, Social Security and presidential possibilities.

Here is the article about his speech.