Mayor’s Office Celebrates New Jobs as Piecemeal Recovery Continues

A metal company will bring part of its roofing production business to Louisville and create 23 new jobs. That’s enough to earn praise from city officials. The payroll for the jobs at Drexel Metals will be $1.5 million. The company has been offered half a million dollars in tax breaks over ten years to create… Continue reading Mayor’s Office Celebrates New Jobs as Piecemeal Recovery Continues

The Family's Role in Recovery from Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can be psychologically devastating to children who are victimized. But children don’t operate independently – often it is the entire family unit that is dysfunctional and abuse can be repeated over generations and in different branches of the family. Conversely, sometimes support from family members who weren’t involved in the abuse can be an important part of a survivor’s treatment process. This Thursday we’ll learn about the roles family members play – harmful and beneficial – in recovery from sexual abuse.  Artwork from The Unspoken Truth Exhibit  Listen to the Show

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Stimulus Project Map Searchable by Address

This year and next, nearly $300 million dollars in federal stimulus dollars will flow into Louisville Metro. They’ll fund projects ranging from buying more energy efficient school buses to installing new sidewalks. To make the use of those funds—and their impact, for instance, on jobs—as transparent as possible, the Mayor’s spokesman Chris Poynter says the city’s economic stimulus team has created an online, searchable map of projects.