A Different Kind of Tour

Several dozen Louisvillians boarded a bus this morning at St. William Church in West Louisville. They set off to view and learn about the kinds of sites you wouldn’t want on a sight-seeing tour: a garbage dump, a chemical factory, a sewage treatment plant. But these were no unusual tourists. These were participants in Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light’s Environmental Health and Justice Tour.

Today's Suburban Poor

When you think of poverty, you probably imagine something suggestive of the inner city or rural areas. Yet, studies have shown for many years now that poverty is growing faster in the suburbs than in urban/rural areas. A recent study by the Brookings Institute indicates that the burdens of the current recession are following that same trend in most metropolitan areas, including here in Louisville. Listen to the Show

Poverty & Health

We hear a lot in the news about the problems of the uninsured and underinsured, and how the government will fix the healthcare system. On a human level, it boils down to this: people living at or below the poverty level aren’t just financially poor; they’re often in poor health as well. Those in low income brackets may be malnourished, wait longer before seeing a doctor when sick, and lack preventative care. Listen to the Show

Presbyterians Work with Anti-Corruption Group

The Louisville-based Presbyterian Church USA is bolstering its partnership with an anti-corruption organization called Publish What You Pay. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. Last year, the Presbyterian Church USA joined Publish What You Pay. It’s a group of organizations combating fraud in developing countries by urging governments to disclose revenues from the oil, gas and… Continue reading Presbyterians Work with Anti-Corruption Group