Lawmaker Apologizes For Tone of Girl Scouts Criticism

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris has apologized for the tone of his criticism of the Girl Scouts, but says he stands behind his allegations regarding the group’s national leadership. Morris drew a firestorm of criticism and a bit of ridicule from some of his Republican colleagues this week when he called the Girl Scouts a […]

Indiana Lawmaker Stands By Criticism of Girl Scouts

Undaunted by a day of ridicule from the leader of his own party, an Indiana state lawmaker said yesterday he’s standing by his allegations that the Girl Scouts is a radical organization that promotes abortions and homosexuality. Both the scouts and Planned Parenthood dismissed Rep. Bob Morris’ comments as absurd, as did Republican House Speaker […]

Arguments Heard in Planned Parenthood of Indiana Funding Appeal

Arguments have been made in the case of an Indiana law that blocked public funding for abortion providers. Public funds cannot currently pay for abortions, but the law is based on the idea that giving any Medicare or Medicaid dollars to Planned Parenthood for other medical procedures helps to subsidize abortion. Planned Parenthood and the […]

Indiana AG Appeals Planned Parenthood Ruling, Organization Looks to Kansas Case for Encouragement

The Indiana Attorney General’s office has filed its brief in the defense of a state law that defunds Planned Parenthood. The law passed the General Assembly this year and blocks Medicaid funding from any organization that provides abortions. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and the American Civil Liberties Union have challenged the law, and won a […]

Planned Parenthood Of Indiana Gets State Grant

From the Associated Press: Indiana officials are reversing course and giving Planned Parenthood of Indiana $6,000 in neighborhood assistance grants. The organization’s president and CEO Betty Cockrum says the grants should help the group leverage $12,000 in donations. The money comes from the Indiana Housing Community and Development Authority. The agency said in June it […]

Indiana Attorney General Appealing Latest Ruling in Planned Parenthood Case

Officials with Planned Parenthood of Indiana say they are not surprised that the state attorney general is appealing a recent court ruling in favor of the group. After a law blocking state funding from any organization that provides abortions took effect, Planned Parenthood filed suit. Late last week, a judge issued a temporary block on […]

Injunction Granted in Indiana Planned Parenthood Case

A federal judge in Indiana has stopped the enforcement of a state law that strips Planned Parenthood–and any other organizations that provide abortions–of public funds. The decision is in line with a recent opinion from the U.S. Justice Department, which contends that states cannot restrict Medicaid patients’ access to care. But while the law will […]

Indiana Attorney General Responds To PPIN Lawsuit

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office filed a brief today in response to the lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood of Indiana and the ACLU.  The lawsuit is aimed at overturning a new Indiana law that strips Medicaid funding from abortion providers. There is already a law preventing public funding from paying for abortions, but the […]

Planned Parenthood to Make Cuts as Donations Run Out

The donations have run out for Planned Parenthood of Indiana, and layoffs, furloughs and service cuts are forthcoming. Planned Parenthood has been using donations to pay for services to its 9,300 Medicaid patients since May, when Governor Mitch Daniels signed a law stripping the agency of its $1.4 million in public funding. But the donations […]

Planned Parenthood Donations to Last Through June 20

Ever since Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed a law stripping Planned Parenthood of public funding, donations have poured in from around the country, allowing the organization to continue serving Medicaid patients. But those donations are set to dry up in one week. At first, Planned Parenthood said the donations would last until early May…then mid […]