New Arts Magnet Program Strives to Transform School

Last summer, the Jefferson County Board of Education voted to have more than 20 elementary schools include magnet programs. It came just a year the U.S. Supreme Court stuck down Jefferson County’s desegregation plan saying it unconstitutionally assigned students to schools by race. This week, these magnet programs — focusing on an array of areas… Continue reading New Arts Magnet Program Strives to Transform School

The Business of Performing Arts

For many of us this time of year, it’s a tradition to sink back into a cushy seat and get lost in the magic of The Nutcracker. The Sugar Plum fairies may get all the credit, but have you ever thought about the part of the performing arts we don’t see? Arts organizations have to pay the bills just like the rest of us, which means they need the staff to raise funds, organize volunteers, draw up financial plans, and promote their events so those cushy chairs are full of patrons. Listen to the Show