Chris Christie’s Decision, Occupy Wall Street Update, Youth Incarceration, Learning to Love Opera: Today on Here and Now

Associates close to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie say he is not going to run for president. Christie is expected to formally announce that decision at a news conference this afternoon. We’ll hear more from Jay Newton-Small from Time Magazine. We’ll also get an update from NYC’s Occupy Wall Street protests with Time Magazine reporter […]

Director Expects Agreement on Opera Musicians Today

An agreement between the Louisville musicians union and the Kentucky Opera for upcoming performances could be in place today. The opera typically hires musicians from the Louisville Orchestra, but orchestra management and players do not currently have a contract in place for the season. Orchestra concerts for this month and next month have been canceled. […]

Opera Director Discusses Talks for Carmen Musicians

The General Director of the Kentucky Opera is restating his promise to have live musicians for next month’s performances of Carmen. The opera uses musicians from the Louisville Orchestra, but the orchestra has no contract with its players. Concerts for September and October have been canceled. Some musicians who perform outside of the orchestra as Keep […]

Film about U of L Opera Project with Polish Academy Premieres

From 2003 through last year, the University of Louisville’s opera theatre program worked with a Polish academy to create a production that spanned two continents and instructed students in the new ways to perform opera. Now, that experience is in a documentary film premiering tomorrow. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has the story. In the documentary, the […]