With River Rising, Metro Parks Makes “Thunder” Adjustments

In response to flooding along the Ohio River, Louisville Metro Parks officials have announced some adjustments to parking and other rules for Saturday’s Thunder Over Louisville. Cox Park will be closed to vehicular traffic due to flooding. Thunder patrons can park at nearby Thurman Hutchins Park and walk to nearby points to view the aircraft… Continue reading With River Rising, Metro Parks Makes “Thunder” Adjustments

Ohio River Holding Three Feet Above Flood Stage

Metro Sewer District Director Bud Schardein says he expects the river to stay at 26 feet for the next three or four days, even though slightly more rain is in the forecast for Tuesday.

“Were still in a holding patter, we are operating 14 flood pumping plants. They’re doing their job, they’re pumping this rainwater that is hitting the city into the river; and there are no reports of flooding behind the walls or the levee.”

Business on Our Waterways: A Look at River Commerce

The Mighty Ohio River. We use it for sport, we cross it to get to the other side, those of us in Louisville actually use it as drinking water. But did you know the Ohio (and other rivers in the US) is a superhighway? Tons of cargo move up and down the rivers every year, making the rivers a major source of commerce. Join us on Tuesday when we talk about river commerce, learn a little history, and find out what the future holds for business on water.  Listen to the Show

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Tennessee Woman Plans to Swim Ohio River This Summer

by Stephanie Crosby A Tennessee woman is planning a 981-mile swim in the Ohio River this summer to raise awareness about educational needs for girls around the world. Mimi Hughes has completed similar swims in the Tennessee and Danube Rivers and across the Bering Sea. She says she wanted to focus this swim in the… Continue reading Tennessee Woman Plans to Swim Ohio River This Summer