Occupy Louisville Responds to Black Friday, Supports Local Business

Occupy Louisville demonstrators are organizing a rally in support of local businesses on Black Friday as the movement continues to target specific ways to express its campaign. It was a little unclear what occupy demonstrators’ demands were when the movement began. Corporate greed and special interest groups seemed like vague targets. Louisville supporters have since […]

No Plan from Supercommittee, Wall Street Occupiers Meet with Tea Partiers, Changes to Catholic Liturgy, Turkey Tutorial: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm The supercommittee charged with arriving at a debt reduction plan will likely admit defeat today. Democrats accused Republicans of refusing a deal to have wealthy Americans pay more. Republicans criticized Democrats for insisting on tax increases for the wealthiest Americans. We’ll explore the rancor from both sides, and what the lack of a plan […]

Occupy Louisville Continues Planning Future Actions

Occupy Louisville has finished a week of events to raise awareness of its cause and demonstrators are now planning actions that take their concerns to city government, but details are being kept quiet. Around a dozen demonstrators helped kick off the final day of Seven Days of Solidarity. Each day has focused on a particular […]

Occupy Louisville Honors Movements’ Two Month Anniversary

Occupy Louisville demonstrators joined a nationwide protest Thursday called “We Are the 99 Percent.” The protests were partly to acknowledge the two month anniversary of the original Occupy Wall Street movement; but they were also motivated by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to force demonstrators from Zuccotti Park this week.

Sandusky Appears on TV, Occupy Wall Street Cleared by NYPD, Meeting an Immigrant Entrepreneur, Teaching Photography in Saudi Arabia: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky talked on TV last night, on NBC’s new primetime show. Is that kind of exposure to questioning helping or hurting him? Some new angles are emerging, too. We’ll get an update. 1:12pm: Police moved into the Occupy Wall Street encampment at New York City’s Zuccotti Park and […]

Occupy Louisville Demonstrators Organize Seven Days of Events

Occupy Louisville demonstrators have organized a series of events this week to raise awareness of the movement. Seven Days of Solidarity will include marches and discussions that help express what the movement is about. “We don’t just have one demand,” said demonstrator Pam Newman who helped organize the event. Newman has been involved with Occupy […]

Occupy Louisville Demonstrators Move Locations

Occupy Louisville demonstrators are moving in preparation for the city’s Light Up Louisville holiday event later this month. The demonstration mirrors Occupy Wall Street in standing against corporate greed and the influence of money in politics. On Thursday morning, a few demonstrators were packing up supplies and preparing to move (pictured) while city workers began […]

Bank Transfer Day Creates Surge of Business for Credit Unions

A national effort to fight big banks led thousands of Kentuckians to move their money over the last month. The Bank Transfer Day movement encouraged Americans to withdraw their money from institutions such as JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America and put it in locally-owned banks or not-for-profit credit unions. The movement was driven […]

Occupy Louisville Demonstrators Say They’ve Acquired New Permit

Occupy Louisville demonstrators say a permit has been acquired for Jefferson Square Park at 6th and Jefferson streets downtown. They say they can now stay overnight across the street from City Hall until the end of the year. Occupy Louisville began as an unorganized, leaderless demonstration against corporate greed and to give voices to under-represented […]

Occupy Louisville Seeks Council Support

Protestors with Occupy Louisville are asking members of the Louisville Metro Council to issue a statment of public support for their movement. For a week and a half, dozens have assembled in Jefferson Square Park downtown to join a number of other local protests in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York […]