More about Newspapers

The recession is obvious at newspapers these days, with most reducing space for news coverage (in part because they are getting fewer ads) and sending reporters and other staff on furloughs. Local publishers have been making the case that they will survive the recession by tightening their belts and promoting their products. (WFPL aired a… Continue reading More about Newspapers

The Line on the Survival of Local Newspapers

The financial crisis has pundits weighing in on the future of newspapers. Predictions have ranged from death to better prospects after the country climbs out of this recession. The clamor sent WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer to see how local newspapers are coping. In the press room at The Courier-Journal, there’s the thick scent of ink as… Continue reading The Line on the Survival of Local Newspapers

Looking at the Courier-Journal

How many articles, radio pieces, and television reports have you heard prophesying the imminent death of the newspaper industry? It’s true that ad sales are down, circulation is falling, cutbacks are being made, and some major US papers have ceased publication or gone to online-only models. But some industry analysts say this is simply a time of transition for newspapers and a new business model is what is called for, not the abandonment of the industry.

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