Some of Our Favorite Nerds

Today we’re talking about some of our favorite nerds. First we’ll try to decide what exactly classifies one as a nerd. Next we’ll then hear from the always amusing and slightly off-center A.J. Jacobs. Finally we’ll talk with the insightful outlier himself, Malcolm Gladwell. Join us, and take pride in your inner nerd!

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Are You a Nerd?

If you know what Manga, D&D and Magic the Gathering are…you might be a nerd. If you run the world’s most recognized computer company…you might be a nerd. If you are the 44th President of the United States…you might be a nerd? Nerds, long regarded as uber-intellectual, social outcasts are enjoying a popular acceptance unknown since before “Revenge of the Nerds” made nerd-pride cool. Technology nerds are creating the world’s most popular social-networking sites. Director nerds are endearing us to the oft-ridiculed high school nerd. McLovin anyone? Has nerd culture become popular culture or has the definition of what a nerd is and what a nerd enjoys expanded to include almost anyone? Join us on Monday as we delve into nerd culture and ask ourselves, am I a nerd? Listen to the Show