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Cane Run Elementary is Showcase for Energy Efficient Projects

State organizers are packing up after a two-day conference in Louisville highlighting sustainable building practices for schools. Today’s agenda included a field trip to Cane Run Elementary.

Cane Run Elementary is an older school, located just off Cane Run Road near Rubbertown. But in 2009, it underwent major renovations. Over the span of several months, Jefferson County Public Schools transformed the building into an energy-efficient environmentally-friendly structure. Now it’s one of the district’s two Environmental Studies Magnet Schools.

The building is so impressive, it’s one of two that architects, engineers and school administrators are touring as part of this year’s High Performance Sustainable School Buildings Workshop, organized by the National Energy Education Development Project.

Cane Run Elementary’s classrooms are heated with geothermal energy. There are solar panels on the roof for the water heater. The walls are painted with low-VOC paint and some of the interior classrooms have natural light streaming in through state-of-the-art solar tubes.