Gannett CEO’s $37.1 Million Retirement Draws Criticism

Gannett CEO Craig Dubow is stepping down due to medical issues. Dubow oversaw roughly 20,000 layoffs at Gannett media outlets, including the Courier-Journal. That’s a fact several media critics have found particularly unsavory in light of news that Dubow will receive $37.1 million in retirement and disability pay. “…news like this makes you despair,” writes Jeffrey Goldberg… Continue reading Gannett CEO’s $37.1 Million Retirement Draws Criticism

Local High School Booster Club Audited

IRS officials are investigating the Fern Creek High School Booster Club. About $500,000 previously recorded in the club’s books is unaccounted for. It’s unclear whether the missing money was embezzled or if a bookkeeping error is to blame. Attorney Charles Adkins says it will be difficult to determine where the money could have gone because… Continue reading Local High School Booster Club Audited

Kentucky to Seek More Race to the Top Dollars

Kentucky will once again compete for federal Race to the Top dollars for education. The money is part of an effort to funnel $500 million in early learning programs. Grants of $50 to $100 million will be awarded later this year, and today, state officials announced they will apply for funds. The state previously changed… Continue reading Kentucky to Seek More Race to the Top Dollars

Fake Cash as Art and Source for Helping New Orleans

A national artist is heading a project to legitimize counterfeit one hundred dollar bills made by schoolchildren. It’s an effort to get money to clean up lead-contaminated soil in New Orleans. This week, the artist was in Louisville to collect bills made by Kentucky students. This is a story from WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer. “Please take… Continue reading Fake Cash as Art and Source for Helping New Orleans

Let's Talk Money!

With the economy’s downturn and Wall Street scandals, it might feel like the financial world is beyond your control. But you can at least take charge of your own budget and learn to use your money wisely – whether you have a lot or just a little. Your grandma may have taught you that it’s rude to discuss money, but on Wednesday we’ll bend the rules. Listen to the Show

Mind of the Market: Our Relationship with Money

Would you rather be the least rich person in a posh neighborhood, or the richest person in a poor neighborhood? Studies have shown that for most people, the amount of money they have isn’t as important as the fact that they have more than other people have. Our attitudes, and (often irrational) behavior about money can be traced to our evolutionary roots – back to a time when brand loyalty meant sticking with the safety of your own tribe. Listen to the Show