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Fischer Calls for Investigation Into Employee Overtime

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration says overtime pay must be reigned in. The mayor called for an investigation Wednesday into the matter in hopes that it will save the city and taxpayers money.

The investigation comes after the administration discovered that at least 550 Metro employees—about 10 percent of the city’s staff—were earning $15,000 or more in overtime every year. The mayor sent a memorandum to the city’s chief financial officer and human resources director to conduct the investigation.

Fischer spokesman Chris Poynter says there is undoubtedly abuse in the system, and it’s likely been going on for years.

“In the past, we could afford to pay overtime. We can’t anymore,” he says, “Just like in a household, when money is tight, you need to look at every expense. Do you need that steak? Can you get by with chicken?”

There is no exact accounting of how much money the city has spent on unplanned overtime, but Poynter says it is a widespread problem.

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Butler To Seek Council Presidency

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Marianne Butler says she will seek the council presidency.

Butler faces fellow Democrat Tom Owen, who asked his fellow council members for their support Thursday.

She tells the Courier-Journal she believes the Democratic caucus will choose either her or Owen as its candidate before there’s a council floor vote.

No Republican has yet entered the race, though Councilman Ken Fleming is considering a bid.

If Owen or Butler is elected, it would mark the fourth straight year a Democrat has won the presidency. Only two Republicans have ever held the position—Kelly Downard and 2004 and Kevin Kramer in 2006.

Outgoing President David Tandy is running for mayor.

The council will vote for a new president next month.