Who's Inspecting Our Food?

Surely you’ve heard the joke . . . a customer is dining out, looks down and sees a fly in his soup . . . He says to the server “What’s this fly doing in my soup?” . . . The server responds “It looks like the backstroke”. Okay, so most restaurants would not be so cavalier, but who makes sure restaurants, grocery stores, and those ubiquitous elephant ear trailers are meeting health regulations?

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What's New at TARC?

If you’ve heard about TARC in the news lately, it’s probably about where the buses won’t take you: the Kentucky Derby. This was the first year that Derby shuttles were chartered by a private company instead of the Transit Authority of the River City. But, nevertheless, TARC continues to provide comprehensive service across the Louisville Metro area on a daily basis.

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Remembering Louisville's Legends & Landmarks

Here in Louisville, we’re famous for giving directions based on buildings and landmarks that are no longer there. Tell the truth: when’s the last time you told someone to meet you at the restaurant “by the old Sears building?” It shouldn’t be surprising that some things are hard to let go; Louisville’s history is rich with architecture, industry, and unforgettable characters. We’ll talk about that history this Wednesday, on a show about some of Louisville’s lost legends and landmarks. Listen to the Show

Louisville Tea Party Set For Wednesday

Louisville will be among the hundreds of cities where protesters will hold a modern day version of the Boston Tea Party this week. The local event is being organized by 24 year old Wendy Caswell, who says she unhappy with federal government bailouts and the growing national debt. “I’ve just recently started watching politics in general in… Continue reading Louisville Tea Party Set For Wednesday