Algae Bloom May Be Cause of Ohio River Fish Kill

The head of the Metropolitan Sewer District says the fish kill on the Ohio River last night may have resulted from an algae bloom, rather than a chemical spill as was previously reported. The sheen on the Ohio River was noticed south of Rubbertown by cameras at Dow Chemical’s plant, and about 20 Asian Carp… Continue reading Algae Bloom May Be Cause of Ohio River Fish Kill

Heat Wave Contributes to Poor Air Quality

by Chris McDaniel Despite predictions that this summer would be milder than usual, Louisville has been experiencing temperatures reaching the mid 90s.  The Climate Prediction Center made the original forecast, and the center still holds that the heat will plateau as the summer goes on.  Ryan Sharp from the National Weather Service says Louisville residents… Continue reading Heat Wave Contributes to Poor Air Quality

Louisville Losing Counterterrorism Funds

Narrowing its list of eligible recipients, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has cut $170 million in federal anti-terrorism funding for more than 30 mid-sized cities across the country including Louisville. The Urban Areas Security Initiative grants were created in response to the attacks of Sept. 11 and initially went to New York City, Washington,… Continue reading Louisville Losing Counterterrorism Funds

Demonstrators Seek U.S. Support For Bahrain Uprising

Several Louisvillians will hold a demonstration Thursday to encourage western powers to take action in Bahrain, where anti-government protests have been going on for months. Calls to bring down the Bahraini monarchy have been met with violence in the Middle Eastern country. Louisville resident Athraa Alabudy says the uprising has not received as much attention… Continue reading Demonstrators Seek U.S. Support For Bahrain Uprising

Barzun Leaving Diplomatic Post to Oversee Obama Fundraising

Stepping down as the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, Louisville technology entrepreneur Matthew Barzun will be President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign finance chair. Political observers have estimated Mr. Obama’s bid in 2012 could be the first to raise $1 billion, and plucking a finance guru like Barzun is a sign that’s a serious goal. From the Boston… Continue reading Barzun Leaving Diplomatic Post to Oversee Obama Fundraising

Youth Rights Conference to Discuss Food Justice, Bullying and Sex Ed

Bringing together high school students from across the commonwealth, the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky and the Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice are hosting the 2011 Youth Rights Conference in Louisville this weekend. The summit begins Saturday and is aimed at helping students learn more about civil liberties issues. Discussion topics are… Continue reading Youth Rights Conference to Discuss Food Justice, Bullying and Sex Ed

Slow Food International Postpones Decision

Slow Food International is still considering Louisville as a host city for its international congress, however, the group has postponed their decision until the next board meeting in June. The organization works for environmentally responsible agricultural practices with a commitment to serving healthy, local food in communities. The name Slow Food comes from the group’s… Continue reading Slow Food International Postpones Decision

After Explosion, Job Loss Possible at Rubbertown Plant

Federal authorities are still investigating what caused a deadly explosion at a chemical plant in the Rubbertown neighborhood, but operators are also worried about potential job loss. The company wants to rebuild once the investigation is complete, but won’t have access to the building to asses the damage for the next two weeks. Carbide Industries General Manager John Gant says the employees are still being paid, but that could change if they can’t get the furnace fixed soon.

Council Committee to Review Audit of District Office Funds

The audit was ordered last year and does not look in-depth at how council members spent the $175,000 in neighborhood development and community infrastructure funds allocated to each district every year. The funds have been a contentious topic in recent weeks, as Councilwoman Judy Green faces ethics charges that she misappropriated city allocations.