Opera Expects to Move Off ‘Unfair’ List

The Louisville Orchestra and its players signed a labor agreement yesterday, ending the impasse that canceled the last orchestra season. Now the Kentucky Opera hopes the agreement between the orchestra and its musicians will mean it can be removed from the American Federation of Musicians’ “international unfair list.”

It’s Over: Orchestra and Musicians Reach Agreement

After 11 months of negotiations, the Louisville Orchestra musicians and board of directors have a signed employment contract. The two sides announced the agreement at a press conference at the Kentucky Center’s Whitney Hall today. The $5.3-million, one-year bridge agreement calls for a smaller orchestra with a shorter season. Fifteen musician spots will be eliminated, […]

Musicians Reject Arbitration, Extend New Offer

The Louisville Orchestra musicians have rejected an offer for binding arbitration, thereby turning down what orchestra management says was the final offer for a new contract. There have been final offers before, and this latest one came last week. The management said it would replace the musicians unless they agreed to binding arbitration. In that […]

Kentucky Opera Maestro Steps Down Amid Orchestra Disputes

Kentucky Opera conductor Joe Mechavich is stepping down amid the controversial decision to seat non-union musicians for the upcoming opera performance of The Merry Widow. “Given these circumstances, I am unable to continue my role as conductor for this production,” wrote Mechavich in an email to the Kentucky Opera board and opera patrons. Contract negotiations […]

Union Leaders Rally For Orchestra Musicians

Dozens of union members rallied this morning in front of the Fund for the Arts offices in support of the Louisville Orchestra musicians. Orchestra players and management have been embroiled in a contract dispute for more than a year, and musicians have been idle since their last contract expired in May. Leaders of the AFL-CIO, […]

Kentucky Opera Hires Community Musicians for Next Performance

The Kentucky Opera has hired a group of community musicians to play for next weekend’s performances. The ongoing Louisville Orchestra labor dispute has left the opera without musicians. The company seated a group of union orchestra players for November’s run of Carmen. The players were given a shorter-term version of their collective bargaining agreement with […]

Orchestra Management Offers Binding Arbitration, Ultimatum to Musicians

The Louisville Orchestra has put another offer on the table for musicians. The orchestra has not performed all year and the players and management remain at odds over the terms of a new contract. Today, management offered to enter binding arbitration with the musicians. Both sides would choose a member of the National Academy of […]

Louisville Orchestra Musicians Considered On Strike, Not Locked Out

Kentucky’s Division of Unemployement Insurance has ruled that Louisville Orchestra musicians have been on strike and not locked out. The musicians are considered to have been on strike since the end of June, according to a release from Louisville Orchestra management. With this ruling they are voluntarily withholding their labor and therefore not entitled to […]

Kentucky Opera’s Marriage of Figaro Opens With No Orchestra

The Kentucky Opera opened its production of Mozart‘s opera, The Marriage of Figaro Friday night—without the musical accompaniment of an orchestra. Due to the Louisville Orchestra’s ongoing impasse between musicians and management, Figaro will run with just two pianos and a harpsichord. Courier-Journal arts reporter Elizabeth Kramer joined us on Friday’s State of the News […]

Measuring the Benefits of an Orchestra

Music makes a city. Yes, that’s the name of a documentary about the orchestra, but it’s also a sort of unofficial catchphrase in Louisville. It’s what players, managers and supporters say when the orchestra is in danger. The Louisville Orchestra contract negotiations have reached yet another impasse. Members of the management say they’re done making […]