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UPDATE: Council Moves to Impeach Green

After reviewing the findings of the Louisville Metro Ethics Commission, five members of the Metro Council have signed a petition calling for the removal of Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, from office.

The five members are Tina Ward-Pugh, D-9, Barbara Shanklin, D-2, Kevin Kramer, R-11, Stuart Benson, R-20, and Madonna Flood, D-24, who met with legal counsel Monday to discuss the various accusations against Green stemming from two ethics cases against her.

After deliberating, the bipartisan group agreed to move forward with the petition for removal, which was delivered to the Metro Council Clerk’s office. It cites the two ethics complaints filed against the embattled city lawmaker, one of which have come back in a unanimous decision by the ethics commission that Green intentional violated the ethics ordinance.

“I don’t have any comment,” Green told a WFPL reporter.

Last Friday, however, Green told different media outlets she will fight to keep her seat and said she would not resign. She has maintained her innocence and criticized the process as a “sham.”

In a joint statement, Ward-Pugh and Kramer said they had hoped Green would have stepped down to spare herself, her family and the council an ongoing controversy.

“The decision to move forward with the removal process was not taken lightly. It was our hope that Councilwoman Green would resign and prevent this action Understanding that Councilwoman Green plans to stay in office, despite the many findings against her, we have no choice but to move forward with a fair process that allows for all information to be heard in accordance with our rules.”

The council will now act as a court with subpoena power and will decide by a two-thirds vote the councilwoman’s fate.