BOZA Won't Revoke JBS Permit

The JBS slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant in Louisville’s Butchertown neighborhood won’t have its operating permit revoked for failing to obtain proper paperwork for a building project. The company was cited last summer and fined 500 dollars for failing to obtain a building permit for a hog chute enclosure at the plant. JBS blamed the oversight […]

Zoning Board to Reconsider Homeless Shelter Decision

The Louisville Metro Board of Zoning and Adjustment decided today it will reconsider an earlier decision that required Metro Council action before Wayside Christian Mission could move its women and families shelter. The homeless shelter has been searching for a new location since it sold its East Market property. ┬áIt has to be moved by […]

Swift & Company Zoning Hearing Delayed

After a lengthy debate over procedural matters, a Metro Board of Zoning Adjustment public hearing on an expansion of the Swift and Company meat-packing plant in Butchertown was postponed until next month. The board was supposed to hear public comment and vote Monday on a request from Swift to approve a $2 million expansion that […]