Bridges Panel To Meet Thursday

“Nobody wants to pay a toll, but you want to try to get the project to be built. And I think what we’re able to show was the difference between three dollars that had been thrown out there once before and now you’re talking about a dollar or less,” said Michael Dalby, a member of the Bridges Coaltion, a pro-bridges group that commissioned a financing study of the Ohio River Bridges Project.

Bridges Authority Expects Revamped Financial Study Next Month

by Stephanie Crosby The authority tasked with determining a funding mechanism for the four-point-one billion dollar Ohio River Bridges Project is hoping to have a revamped financial report by early next month. Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority Executive Director Steve Schultz says they’ve requested a tweaked version of a report provided by the consulting… Continue reading Bridges Authority Expects Revamped Financial Study Next Month

Bridges Authority Reconvenes

By Rick Howlett The bi-state authority in charge of developing a plan to build two new Ohio River bridges held its regular meeting Thursday in Clark County, Indiana. The 14 member panel has been largely dealing with organizational matters since first convening in February. On Thursday, it approved its mission and vision statements. Authority member… Continue reading Bridges Authority Reconvenes