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Yum Finds Buyers For Long John Silver’s, A&W

Louisville-based Yum Brands says it has found buyers for its Long John Silver’s and A&W Restaurant chains.

The company says Long John Silver’s is being bought by LJS Partners LLC, led by a group of franchisees and other investors.

And A&W is being bought by A Great American Brand LLC, which is led by one major franchisee.

The company didn’t disclose the financial terms of the deals.

Yum Brands put the chains up for sale in January, saying the move would help it focus on international business.

Yum Brands operates 38,000 restaurants globally. Taco Bell is its largest chain. The company also owns KFC and Pizza Hut.

(Information for this story also came from the Associated Press)

Local News

Yum Brands Selling Long John Silver’s, A&W

Yum Brands is putting its A&W and Long John Silver’s chains on the market.

The Fortune 500 company purchased the two chains in 2002, and is now looking for buyers. Yum officials did not return requests for comments, but in a press release, company officials said the sale is necessary as Yum focuses on expanding its KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell chains domestically and internationally, specifically in China.

Most of Yum’s profits come from abroad, and the company hopes to make 75% of its profits in China by 2015.

Officials say the sale of Long John Silver’s and A&W is not expected to hurt profits. Yum owns more than 37 thousand restaurants worldwide. The two chains account for just over 16 thousand of those.