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U of L Researchers Develop New Measurement for Logistics Industry Health

Researchers at the University of Louisville have developed a calculation that they say could give shipping and manufacturing businesses better insight into how they’ll perform in the future.

The Logistics and Distribution Index, or LoDI, measures traffic on rivers, rails, roads and runways and uses the data to generate a number between one and one hundred. The higher the number, the healthier a region’s logistics industry.

“Because this number is an indicator of logistics and distribution activity in the upcoming month or quarter, companies can look at this number and see if there’s an uptick, maybe they will get ready for some additional hiring,” says Sunderesh Heragu, who helped develop LoDI.

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Transportation Safety Board Chair Discusses Road Safety on Trip to Louisville

The chair of the National Transportation Safety Board is meeting with area transportation officials this week.

Deborah Hersman left Washington D.C. Wednesday and is traveling in various semis to the Mid-American Truck Show in Louisville. Along the way, she’s meeting with safety officials in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Hersman says better safety for trucks requires improvement in three areas: the drivers, the vehicles and the roads themselves.

“…Like rumble strips and barriers and better signage and better friction on the pavement for precipitation and contamination on the road ways. All of these things are important,” she says.

Hersman says new technology can make large trucks more stable and likely to stay in the lanes. As for the drivers themselves, Hersman’s agency has promoted requirements that drivers rest frequently during long drives.

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How Did That Package Get to My Door? Understanding Logistics

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
How Did That Package Get to My Door? Understanding Logistics
You rush home along the interstate, maybe you cross a bridge, turn left onto your street, get out of your car, walk to the front porch and there it is, the package you’ve been waiting for all week. Chances are you won’t give your journey another thought, much less the journey of the package. But how did that box of shoes end up on your front porch? Or better yet, how did some wood, nails and leather end up as a pair of shoes on your front porch? Join us on Tuesday when we learn more about logistics and its importance to businesses, consumers and the local economy. Join us with your questions.

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