Hundreds Attend Dedication of Lincoln Sculpture

Hundreds came out to Waterfront Park last night for the dedication a new statue of Abraham Lincoln by Louisville-based sculptor Ed Hamilton. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer was there. A 50-piece orchestra was on hand for the ceremony to play Aaron Copeland’s “A Lincoln Portrait.” The ceremony celebrated the statue that depicts Lincoln imagined during his 1841… Continue reading Hundreds Attend Dedication of Lincoln Sculpture

Lincoln & the Speeds

When Abraham Lincoln arrived in Springfield, Illinois in 1837, his first order of business was to purchase a mattress and beddings to sleep on – preferably on credit, since he couldn’t afford to buy them outright. What he got instead was an offer to stay with the storekeeper, Kentuckian Joshua Speed – an arrangement he accepted and which would turn into a lifelong friendship. Lincoln would eventually befriend Joshua’s brother James as well, whom he appointed Attorney General during his Presidency. Listen to the Show

African Americans & Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is heralded by history as The Great Emancipator. But his record on racial issues, and his image among African Americans, is a little more complicated. Some scholars believe Lincoln is undeserving of his canonization as a champion of equal rights, saying his first priority was to preserve the union – whether or not slavery was abolished in the process. Join us Friday on State of Affairs as we take a look at Abraham Lincoln from an African American perspective.  Listen to the Show