Former Hamilton Aide To Seek 9th District Seat

From the Associated Press A one-time aide to former Congressman Lee Hamilton plans to seek Hamilton’s old congressional seat in southern Indiana now held by Republican Todd Young. Robert Winningham says he’ll run for the Democratic nomination in next year’s primary in the 9th District. The 50-year-old says he was Hamilton’s campaign media director in… Continue reading Former Hamilton Aide To Seek 9th District Seat


STATE OF AFFAIRS 01/25/11: The idea of statesmanship has been with us since Plato, and the term “statesman” refers to a respected public figure with a long, distinguished career on the world stage. How has the role of American statesman evolved as our country has developed? What value does statesmanship have in the current politics of rhetoric & polarization? Join our guests, former U.S. Representatives Lee Hamilton and Ron Mazzoli, for a conversation about statesmanship in American government.  Listen to the Show