Farmer Brushes Off Voluntary Furlough

Across the commonwealth this month, state workers will take the fifth of six mandatory unpaid days except for Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer, who won’t participate in furloughs because he doesn’t agree with them. Statewide elected officials are prohibited from changing their salaries, but all have said they will write personal checks for a day’s… Continue reading Farmer Brushes Off Voluntary Furlough

Kentucky Highway Fatalities Drop to 11-year Low

Kentucky highway fatalities declined for the fifth consecutive year and were the lowest since 1999, according to the state’s highway safety office. The death toll was 760 last year, which was 31 fewer fatalities than the previous year. Fatal highway accidents peaked at 985 deaths in 2005. “The good news is that 31 fewer lives… Continue reading Kentucky Highway Fatalities Drop to 11-year Low

Beshear Unveils First Ad

Despite having no opponent in the upcoming Democratic primary, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear launched his first commercial in the 2011 gubernatorial campaign that touts his faith, rural upbringing and record. The radio ad began airing Wednesday across rural radio stations and features First Lady Jane Beshear praising her husband for being the son of a… Continue reading Beshear Unveils First Ad

Beshear Lauds Racing Commission Vote

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is applauding the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission’s decision to pursue instant racing at horse tracks. An instant racing bill failed to emerge from this year’s General Assembly, but the commission believes the wagering technique can be approved through the regulatory process.

Beshear Delivers State Of The Commonwealth Address

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear called on state lawmakers to work together to balance the budget, create jobs and help Kentuckians who continue to struggle in the tough economy. In his State of the Commonwealth Address Wednesday night, Beshear told the General Asssembly that they have already proven that they can put aside political differences and… Continue reading Beshear Delivers State Of The Commonwealth Address

Higdon Wins Special State Senate Election

Republican Rep. Jimmy Higdon of Lebanon won a decisive victory in Tuesday’s special election in a central Kentucky senatorial district. If, as many political pundits claimed, the Senate race was a referendum on expanded gambling, then the electorate wants the issue decided through a constitutional amendment. That’s the position Republican Rep. Jimmy Higdon took in… Continue reading Higdon Wins Special State Senate Election