Fischer Waiting for Auditor’s Report Before Passing Judgement on MSD

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is waiting until a state auditor’s review of the Metropolitan Sewer District is complete before making any judgements on a new controversy in the agency. MSD Executive Director Bud Schardein is set to receive a $200,000 bonus from a hidden trust fund. MSD officials say the compensation is standard to retain […]

Harrods Creek Community Gets Grant for Erosion

The Harbor at Harrods Creek received a grant of $562,000 and will begin construction next week to fight erosion in the eastern Louisville community. “It’s eroding the shore line toward the homes. So it’s a matter if time, if not already, where you’re going to have erosion of foundations. It’s pretty close. There’re some of […]

Fischer Creates Task Force To Review Merger

Former Judge Executive Rebecca Jackson says there’s still too much confusion about merger, especially with the urban services district. Residents of the old city pay an extra tax in exchange for services such as garbage collection. Everyone else pays small cities or private companies.

Revised Budgets Clear Council Committee

Through land sales, revised revenue forecasts and other means, the council found an addition 5.9 million dollars to spend in the budgets. The committee passed amendments Wednesday allocating all but about 3 million of those dollars. Committee chair Jim King says the leftover funds are not entirely secure and should not be counted on to fund city operations.